Thursday, April 26, 2012


Skill work was all cleans. Had a visitor from Lindenwood help out with form and mechanics.
-Approach bar, ball of feet under bar.
-Bend down, bring shins to bar. Butt back!
-Clean grip, knuckles facing ground.
-Straighten back, good arch. Tension on arms
-Chest up
-Pull keeping bar close, legs and chest same time.
-Explode hips open, hips touching bar, kick it up
-Trap shrug at top of lift.
-Fast with elbows around bar. Elbows up, bend, under bar fast.
-Loosen grip at top, meet the bar, dont let it slam on collar bone.

Didn't have time to do wod, only worked on cleans. Cash out: AMRAP 2 min 30# ball slams = 51
3x10 - V ups, then hand stand walk/hold open floor. Made it 2 ft, 4 steps with hands!

Run tonight. - 7miles @8:43

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