Monday, April 30, 2012

Angry Kettlebell

Monday was not full of energy. Storms last night disrupted sleep, was dragging the whole morning.
Skill work was L-sits... not very good at these. Started on the bars, but can only hold legs out for couple seconds. Had to scale to tucked knees to make 20-30 seconds. 3 sets max hold on bars. Then 3 sets 20 sec on parralettes. Then 3 sets tucked knees 20 seconds on rings. Attempted l-sit on floor, but wasn't happening.
Box Jumps 24" 
KB SDHP 53# Angry KB
Push Ups
Pretty easy wod. Should have used 70# KB. Flew through it.
After WOD 3x8 Snatch SOTS + 3x10 GHD sit ups.

Run - 

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