Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday - night before go live!

Got in a great run, about 5 miles, out to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial and around. Had a funny encounter with huge girl school group also running other way. Made an animated stop and turned running away from them... Got a huge roar and laughter!
Saw some awesome tai chi groups, and some with big wooden swords. Wish I had brought the camera... and garmin. Would have been nice to have the GPS record of the run to map out.
After the morning call headed to Tamsui. The area was ok, weather was great. Legs are killing, major shin splints from all the walking... and speed walking at that. Didn't find any good food, so had a sandwich and apple, then a bar. Looked around a while, missed the busy market area til I was ready to leave. Got some free peanuts, the Taiwan type with the purple inside.
Overall, the river front area was pretty lame, should have rented bike. Decided to skip the boat to Bali, instead took small boat to fishermans wharf... Pretty lame, waste of 100ntd. Interesting ride, but the Bali boat was much bigger and nicer, probably a better area too.
On the way back, decided to stop off quick in Beitou to try and see the hot springs. Just didnt have enough time to make it all the way there, so turned back and looked in the Plum museum and an old bath house museum. Had to be back in the office at 1800, so booked it back to change at the hotel and head in.
Dropped my stuff at the office and ran out to get something to eat. Denis took me to a Japanese restaurant, got some cooked salmon, rice and sashimi.  And what I think was cold mashed potatoes, and squid. Couldn't get passed the suckers on the squid, so only had a little. Wasn't sure what the 2 soups were either, only one of them tasted very good.
The conversion started pretty busy, with lots of issues, so didn't end up leaving until 1:45, just to head back to the hotel to get on phone calls... and be back by 7am.

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