Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday aftermath.

Another great run this morning, and even better, got a gps app on the blackberry so I could map it!
Had a quick breakfast, and headed to the office. Lunch was at the little cafe next door. Nothing great, a breaded, baked maybe, piece of fish, a couple veggies and rice. Also had some pumpkin soup, but had a lot of cream in it, so kind of ruined the taste for me. Tried some 'bubble tea' or pearl milk tea after lunch. Eh... was just super sugared tea, fake milk and tapioca balls. Those damn chewy balls almost killed my gut.
Worked til late again, so headed back about 1830. Decided to stay in the qSquare area, and grabbed dinner at the vegetarian place. It was really good. Finally some good veggies! Did a little shopping/looking then hit the hotel.

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