Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Sightseeing

The day started chilly and rainy... wasn't looking good for doing much. Sat around after breakfast, watched some TV, started to pack and surfed. About 1030 or 1100 the rain stopped and cleared up outside... so I headed out. Decided to head out to Longshan Temple area, go by the market and the Old Street area. Off the MRT I did some wandering, trying to find the Herbal Medicine Shops... but think I found the hooker district instead. Headed out of there quick, with a couple yells and 'hand gestures' from the working girls.
Went through the 'homeless' park again, just a crazy area. Saw them playing domino style game, and a free soup line. Lots of people selling stuff on the streets, mostly used junk and trash. One guy had a lot of knock off phones, a pretty cool Ferrari phone... and he wanted 2500 for it... yeah right!
Went through the street market area, just like looking at all the different foods. The fish and animal meats are just creepy, but some of the vegetable spreads were impressive! Saw the Bopiliao Old street, coolest part was the kids playing with the old toys. Left there, had my sandwich, and jumped the MRT to Ximen station.
Spent some time looking around Ximending, hoping to see some crazy kids dressed up or dancing crews or something... mainly a bunch of chinese and japanese tourists. Pretty busy area, so just walked to see stuff. Found the Noodle shop I had read about, so decided for 45NTD to try a bowl, pretty good actually... wasn't til later I found out the noodle soup has 'pig parts' in it... Oi!
Walked around some more and found the Modern Toilet restaurant. Interesting, but too expensive to just try something. Saw the Red House before and after they setup the creative goods flea market type deal.
Left the area and decided to walk by the Armed Forces Museum, Officers Club and head to the Presidential Office. Saw the court buildings and a bunch of other Government buildings as well. Figured I had gone that far, so decided to go a little farther and made it out to the National Museum of History and the Botanical Gardens. Just missed some performance at the museum, but walked through it quickly. The botanical gardens was nice... just not much to do besides look at plants. So headed to Chiang Kai-shek.

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