Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday in Taiwan

Started the morning with breakfast buffet in the hotel. Had an omelet, some fruit, a chicken foot, mussels, banana milk, mango juice and salad. Interesting spread.
Took a cab to Chia Hsin office to meet with David and Joseph. Took some photos from the 'garden' rooftop smoke area. Left there and headed back towards the hotel. Spent some time in the Qmart area under the Main Station. Then went inside for the go-nogo call. After the call out on the MRT and headed to Longshan Temple. Wandered around the temple and the street markets. Had a sweet potato, and some fruit. The wax apple and guava are great. Then walked to Ximen station area, some interesting shops. More trendy young area. Walked back to the hotel, going through the electronics retail area and the camera road.
Took a cab out to meet David for dinner at his favorite restaurant. We picked out some items for dinner and he told them some other stuff to bring. Started out with a watermelon juice to drink while they had Kirin beer on ice with lime. My drink turned out to be more of a smoothie, and pretty sweet, so I switched to water after. Later on in dinner, David bought a 15yr bottle of Singleton Single Malt Scotch Whiskey. He had both of us try a small shot glass of it, not bad, but pretty sweet.
We had a local, fresh caught steamed fish. Salmon and another fish sashimi. Frog cooked in some pretty good sauce with ginger slices. A leafy green like kale that was steamed in a soy type sauce. Asparagus with wasabi and soy, plus another dipping sauce with spicy peppers. Also boiled shrimp, and some tiny wok fried shrimp with veggies. Later he had them bring some large oysters. They were very good. He finished off with a bowl of peanuts cooked in soy, brown vinegar and cilantro.

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