Friday, March 30, 2012

Last work day Taiwan

Finally friday... worked out on the ROM, then headed in to work. Left early so I could get out and do something. Grabbed some lunch at the vegetarian cafe in QSquare, good stuff. Ate in the room then left to find Elephant Mountain. A decent walk from the MRT past Taipei101, and actually got a little lost, but cut through an alley and back tracked to where I needed to be. The path up the mountain (hill) was paved rocks, but DAMN was it steep. Pretty long path going straight up, but worth it at the top, great view, and heck of a work out. Saw CrossFit Elephant Mountain.. and the rest stop at the top had a small shelf of books and old tapes... how odd.
Quite a trip to make it back down, but finally made it. Back on the MRT and headed to the Digital Market. Crazy how much stuff is packed into those little stores, but none of it anything I needed. Plus the prices weren't anything to brag about.
From there, I headed to the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Brewery. Couldn't go in, but browsed the area, including the Beer House, 18 day old beer for sale. Decided to eat at the 346 restaurant while I was there. Plan was to have the hot pot and a beer, but was informed it was meant for 4-6 people, so just went with the chicken ka bobs. They were ok, but enjoyed the beer, albeit a little big for my consumption level.
After eating I decided it was too early to head back to the hotel, so jumped on the MRT and headed out further to the Raohe Night Market. That place was packed. Tons of cool food stands though. Even got some fresh pinapple/kiwi juice. The looks I get, asked for papaya and kiwi, she said 'no go together', then asked for apple and kiwi, and she said 'pineapple kiwi'... so sure, whatever. Then I said no sugar... 'No sugar? Are you sure? No sugar?' HA! That white boy is crazy. Not sure how they do it over here, all they do is walk and eat... and fried food at that. EVERYTHING is fried, and batter dipped.

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