Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Downhill from here...

Felt pretty decent this morning, although not a lot of energy. The late calls and sleep interruptions are starting to catch up.
Skill work was push press. Kept it light, and felt ok. Lost track of the number of sets we did, 3 reps each, started with 65#, then 85#, then a few at 95#. Working on keeping elbows down and out, and pressing through the bar. Shoulder has some sore moments, so didn't try to destroy it.

1000 m Row
20 HP Cleans 95#
500 m Row
20 HP Snatches 65#
250 m Row
20 OHS 65# (supposed to drop to 45#, left it up)

14:53 - Kept the rows under 2:00/500 pace, started each round in the 1:40s, then slowed to 1:50s. Cleans just weren't smooth, not sure why... but pushed through ~10+5+5. Snatches were better, think I still did 10, 5, 5, but they felt better than the cleans. Started to strip the bar, but changed my mind and left it at 65 for OHS. Did 10+10, felt good. Probably could have pushed a little faster, but felt good to just work through everything and pause when needed.

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