Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Another WINDY hump day

So skipped the run yesterday, just wasn't feeling it. Legs feel a little better today, not as heavy.
Skill work was push jerk. Did sets of 3, starting with 75#, 95#, 125#, 145#. Failed on rep3 @ 145# on 3 sets, but managed to get it 3x2 = 6 times! Need to work on the spit and getting under the bar and low faster.

3 Mile Bike (6:3x bike time.)
100 KB Swings 45#
11:43 total. Broke the KB swings up ~20,20,10,15,10,15,10. Kept the bike pretty steady @120rpm, turned up the tension between 1.5-2.5 just to play and see. Not sure what the best approach is yet. Forearms were toast!
MUST MUST MUST get a run in today, even with the crazy wind.

Did the run at the park before football practice. Actually went pretty well. Started with the standard loop, but found some interesting paths/trails back in the pirate fair area. Just did some random turns and directions to get some mileage. Ended up with 7.2 miles @8:45 pace.

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