Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Sightseeing

The day started chilly and rainy... wasn't looking good for doing much. Sat around after breakfast, watched some TV, started to pack and surfed. About 1030 or 1100 the rain stopped and cleared up outside... so I headed out. Decided to head out to Longshan Temple area, go by the market and the Old Street area. Off the MRT I did some wandering, trying to find the Herbal Medicine Shops... but think I found the hooker district instead. Headed out of there quick, with a couple yells and 'hand gestures' from the working girls.
Went through the 'homeless' park again, just a crazy area. Saw them playing domino style game, and a free soup line. Lots of people selling stuff on the streets, mostly used junk and trash. One guy had a lot of knock off phones, a pretty cool Ferrari phone... and he wanted 2500 for it... yeah right!
Went through the street market area, just like looking at all the different foods. The fish and animal meats are just creepy, but some of the vegetable spreads were impressive! Saw the Bopiliao Old street, coolest part was the kids playing with the old toys. Left there, had my sandwich, and jumped the MRT to Ximen station.
Spent some time looking around Ximending, hoping to see some crazy kids dressed up or dancing crews or something... mainly a bunch of chinese and japanese tourists. Pretty busy area, so just walked to see stuff. Found the Noodle shop I had read about, so decided for 45NTD to try a bowl, pretty good actually... wasn't til later I found out the noodle soup has 'pig parts' in it... Oi!
Walked around some more and found the Modern Toilet restaurant. Interesting, but too expensive to just try something. Saw the Red House before and after they setup the creative goods flea market type deal.
Left the area and decided to walk by the Armed Forces Museum, Officers Club and head to the Presidential Office. Saw the court buildings and a bunch of other Government buildings as well. Figured I had gone that far, so decided to go a little farther and made it out to the National Museum of History and the Botanical Gardens. Just missed some performance at the museum, but walked through it quickly. The botanical gardens was nice... just not much to do besides look at plants. So headed to Chiang Kai-shek.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Last work day Taiwan

Finally friday... worked out on the ROM, then headed in to work. Left early so I could get out and do something. Grabbed some lunch at the vegetarian cafe in QSquare, good stuff. Ate in the room then left to find Elephant Mountain. A decent walk from the MRT past Taipei101, and actually got a little lost, but cut through an alley and back tracked to where I needed to be. The path up the mountain (hill) was paved rocks, but DAMN was it steep. Pretty long path going straight up, but worth it at the top, great view, and heck of a work out. Saw CrossFit Elephant Mountain.. and the rest stop at the top had a small shelf of books and old tapes... how odd.
Quite a trip to make it back down, but finally made it. Back on the MRT and headed to the Digital Market. Crazy how much stuff is packed into those little stores, but none of it anything I needed. Plus the prices weren't anything to brag about.
From there, I headed to the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Brewery. Couldn't go in, but browsed the area, including the Beer House, 18 day old beer for sale. Decided to eat at the 346 restaurant while I was there. Plan was to have the hot pot and a beer, but was informed it was meant for 4-6 people, so just went with the chicken ka bobs. They were ok, but enjoyed the beer, albeit a little big for my consumption level.
After eating I decided it was too early to head back to the hotel, so jumped on the MRT and headed out further to the Raohe Night Market. That place was packed. Tons of cool food stands though. Even got some fresh pinapple/kiwi juice. The looks I get, asked for papaya and kiwi, she said 'no go together', then asked for apple and kiwi, and she said 'pineapple kiwi'... so sure, whatever. Then I said no sugar... 'No sugar? Are you sure? No sugar?' HA! That white boy is crazy. Not sure how they do it over here, all they do is walk and eat... and fried food at that. EVERYTHING is fried, and batter dipped.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday aftermath.

Another great run this morning, and even better, got a gps app on the blackberry so I could map it!
Had a quick breakfast, and headed to the office. Lunch was at the little cafe next door. Nothing great, a breaded, baked maybe, piece of fish, a couple veggies and rice. Also had some pumpkin soup, but had a lot of cream in it, so kind of ruined the taste for me. Tried some 'bubble tea' or pearl milk tea after lunch. Eh... was just super sugared tea, fake milk and tapioca balls. Those damn chewy balls almost killed my gut.
Worked til late again, so headed back about 1830. Decided to stay in the qSquare area, and grabbed dinner at the vegetarian place. It was really good. Finally some good veggies! Did a little shopping/looking then hit the hotel.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

GO LIVE 3/28

Conversion Go Live Day. Things started rocky! Grabbed breakfast at the hotel, and was running late getting to the office. Made it in at 0715, but they were already calling with issues and looking for me.
Had the sandwich I brought at a desk for lunch, tons of issues non stop. Finally got out of there around 6 or later, so no time to do much. Looked around the Q Square mall food court for a bit. Even ran into one of the girls from the hotel breakfast area... creepy that she knew my name and room number!
Decided to head back to the buffet place I found on Monday. Really great food! This time I got the greens, cauliflower, sweet potatoes? or squash, 2 types of fish.. .and a drumstick. Oh, and rice.
Tried to find the electronics place again... and was literally 50 feet from it. Maybe another day. Wandered around the underground mall some more, and broke down and got some froyo. Blueberry -wayyy too sweet. Death-by-Chocolate - was pretty standard, decent. and Honey flavor, which was the best of the three by far.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday - night before go live!

Got in a great run, about 5 miles, out to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial and around. Had a funny encounter with huge girl school group also running other way. Made an animated stop and turned running away from them... Got a huge roar and laughter!
Saw some awesome tai chi groups, and some with big wooden swords. Wish I had brought the camera... and garmin. Would have been nice to have the GPS record of the run to map out.
After the morning call headed to Tamsui. The area was ok, weather was great. Legs are killing, major shin splints from all the walking... and speed walking at that. Didn't find any good food, so had a sandwich and apple, then a bar. Looked around a while, missed the busy market area til I was ready to leave. Got some free peanuts, the Taiwan type with the purple inside.
Overall, the river front area was pretty lame, should have rented bike. Decided to skip the boat to Bali, instead took small boat to fishermans wharf... Pretty lame, waste of 100ntd. Interesting ride, but the Bali boat was much bigger and nicer, probably a better area too.
On the way back, decided to stop off quick in Beitou to try and see the hot springs. Just didnt have enough time to make it all the way there, so turned back and looked in the Plum museum and an old bath house museum. Had to be back in the office at 1800, so booked it back to change at the hotel and head in.
Dropped my stuff at the office and ran out to get something to eat. Denis took me to a Japanese restaurant, got some cooked salmon, rice and sashimi.  And what I think was cold mashed potatoes, and squid. Couldn't get passed the suckers on the squid, so only had a little. Wasn't sure what the 2 soups were either, only one of them tasted very good.
The conversion started pretty busy, with lots of issues, so didn't end up leaving until 1:45, just to head back to the hotel to get on phone calls... and be back by 7am.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting better!

Thursday morning actually felt hungry, and stomach was a lot better. Acid reflux was brutal though!
Kept breakfast simple, added some scrambled eggs. Made another sandwich for lunch and had it at the office.
We headed to HsinChu for a baseball game that night. Had to try my luck with McDonalds by the stadium, had the filet-o-fish... .just like I remember them! Had a sprite too... Oi!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stomach mends

Made it to breakfast, but wasn't sure what I could handle. Tried a couple pancakes and some toast. Stomach still not feeling well. Made a sandwich to take for lunch. Had part of it in the hotel room for lunch, napped a lot just trying to get past the uneasy stomach.
Tried to walk a bit to find dinner with Ian, but nothing looked good. Ended up in the hotel restaurant and had baked chicken with mashed potatoes and veggies. And chocolate cake and ice cream for desert. The dinner wasn't that great, and don't think it was just me from being sick.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bad day for Curry

I like the variety of foods at the hotel breakfast buffet. Headed into the office after morning call. Got some work done, then ran out for lunch. Went to World of Curry and had 'chicken' curry in brown stuff... with cheese mixed in. Did not sit well, shouldn't have eaten it. Got back to the office and started feeling very ill. Had to leave around 1530, headed back to hotel fast. Ian went to get some meds, while I started hurling. was up and down throwing up til 0300 or so... was not fun! Stomach was not happy.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday in Taiwan

Started the morning with breakfast buffet in the hotel. Had an omelet, some fruit, a chicken foot, mussels, banana milk, mango juice and salad. Interesting spread.
Took a cab to Chia Hsin office to meet with David and Joseph. Took some photos from the 'garden' rooftop smoke area. Left there and headed back towards the hotel. Spent some time in the Qmart area under the Main Station. Then went inside for the go-nogo call. After the call out on the MRT and headed to Longshan Temple. Wandered around the temple and the street markets. Had a sweet potato, and some fruit. The wax apple and guava are great. Then walked to Ximen station area, some interesting shops. More trendy young area. Walked back to the hotel, going through the electronics retail area and the camera road.
Took a cab out to meet David for dinner at his favorite restaurant. We picked out some items for dinner and he told them some other stuff to bring. Started out with a watermelon juice to drink while they had Kirin beer on ice with lime. My drink turned out to be more of a smoothie, and pretty sweet, so I switched to water after. Later on in dinner, David bought a 15yr bottle of Singleton Single Malt Scotch Whiskey. He had both of us try a small shot glass of it, not bad, but pretty sweet.
We had a local, fresh caught steamed fish. Salmon and another fish sashimi. Frog cooked in some pretty good sauce with ginger slices. A leafy green like kale that was steamed in a soy type sauce. Asparagus with wasabi and soy, plus another dipping sauce with spicy peppers. Also boiled shrimp, and some tiny wok fried shrimp with veggies. Later he had them bring some large oysters. They were very good. He finished off with a bowl of peanuts cooked in soy, brown vinegar and cilantro.

Friday, March 16, 2012

12.4 Open Wod

Skill work was power clean. Tried not to go too heavy and work on form, especially the second dip.
Did the open wod instead. Did not go well. Far too many missed in the beginning, completely took me out of the game.
Only made it to 147 wall balls officially, but sure I did closer to 200 with all the missed reps. Did the 90 double unders after time.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thur - Run

Ran 6.5 @ pace
sluggggggish legs!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Downhill from here...

Felt pretty decent this morning, although not a lot of energy. The late calls and sleep interruptions are starting to catch up.
Skill work was push press. Kept it light, and felt ok. Lost track of the number of sets we did, 3 reps each, started with 65#, then 85#, then a few at 95#. Working on keeping elbows down and out, and pressing through the bar. Shoulder has some sore moments, so didn't try to destroy it.

1000 m Row
20 HP Cleans 95#
500 m Row
20 HP Snatches 65#
250 m Row
20 OHS 65# (supposed to drop to 45#, left it up)

14:53 - Kept the rows under 2:00/500 pace, started each round in the 1:40s, then slowed to 1:50s. Cleans just weren't smooth, not sure why... but pushed through ~10+5+5. Snatches were better, think I still did 10, 5, 5, but they felt better than the cleans. Started to strip the bar, but changed my mind and left it at 65 for OHS. Did 10+10, felt good. Probably could have pushed a little faster, but felt good to just work through everything and pause when needed.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tues better... Hero WOD

Did not get a lot of sleep last night, but actually felt a little better today. Shoulder is still very weak and sore.
No skill work today, Hero WOD time!

3 Rope Climb (15')
10 TTB
21 OHWL 45#
400 m Run
Rope descents were the most painful, really hurt the shoulder. Tried switching up how I came back down, but nothing really worked. Toes to bar were just plain slow... really need to figure out the kip someday. Glad I did the walking lunges at Rx weight. The runs weren't bad, but the first 3 were completely in the dark... made footing a little sketchy.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The start to a bad week

Wasn't feeling very well this morning, lack of energy and plenty of psoas and shoulder pain. Found out in class that the shoulder was worse than I though.
Skill work was snatch. Had to go VERY light (65#). Left shoulder was screaming! Did a round of 3 @ 85# and just about cried. Too much stupid... went back to 65 and worked as much as possible on form.
10 Deadlifts 155#
AMRAP Box Jumps 20"
Did 66 box jumps, but had to skip a round of dead lift. Pretty sure I made all 9, 2 of them rolled together.
This was a killer wod. Just tried to stay on heels and work the butt, needed to lay off the quads.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

WOD 12.3

Went to Xfit to do the 12.3 wod with everyone. The weight was definitely heavy! Really wanted to get 5 or 6 rounds... bah.
15 Box Jumps 24"
12 Push Press 115#
9 Toes to Bar
179reps (4 rounds +8 T2B) ALMOST 5!
The box jumps were by far the easiest. Press was rough. Really had to break it up. First round got through 6 before dropping, but after that would only make 5, 4, or 3. The toes2bar were more difficult than expected, due to the shoulders being spent from the press. Thought I had the kip working well before hand, and made 5 or 6 first round, but then lost it and had to go back to singles with a big swing. Trying to recover and relax for the race tomorrow.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Bad run day

Got up and did ab work. Psoas has been pretty sore, and feeling very inflamed today.
Went on a run before dinner tonight... did not go well. Legs were heavy and tired, just no energy to go. Tried to just slow the pace and trudge through. Blah! 5.5 miles @ 8:01 pace. Tried to hit some tempo miles in there, but just wasn't coming easy.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Another WINDY hump day

So skipped the run yesterday, just wasn't feeling it. Legs feel a little better today, not as heavy.
Skill work was push jerk. Did sets of 3, starting with 75#, 95#, 125#, 145#. Failed on rep3 @ 145# on 3 sets, but managed to get it 3x2 = 6 times! Need to work on the spit and getting under the bar and low faster.

3 Mile Bike (6:3x bike time.)
100 KB Swings 45#
11:43 total. Broke the KB swings up ~20,20,10,15,10,15,10. Kept the bike pretty steady @120rpm, turned up the tension between 1.5-2.5 just to play and see. Not sure what the best approach is yet. Forearms were toast!
MUST MUST MUST get a run in today, even with the crazy wind.

Did the run at the park before football practice. Actually went pretty well. Started with the standard loop, but found some interesting paths/trails back in the pirate fair area. Just did some random turns and directions to get some mileage. Ended up with 7.2 miles @8:45 pace.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Legs are very tired. Almost skipped xfit today. Need to get in a good run, but crazy 40+ mph winds.
Skill work Overhead Squats. 10x2 @ 95#, then 2@115#. All the weights felt very light, but tried to work on form and pushing hard and fast from the bottom.
SDHP 75#
5:42 - Went with lighter weight on sdhp just to give body a break. Still tried to push pace on the burpees.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Start the week good please!

Skill work was dead lift and strict pull ups.
5@135# : 11 or 12 PU
5@155# : 10 PU
3@185# : 8 PU (3 with 20# vest)
2@225# : 7 PU
1@225# : 6 PU

10 Push Jerks 6@135#; 4@115# - failed on multiple attempts @ 135, so had to drop
20 Cals Row
30 KB Swings 55#
40 Ball Slams 20#
7:20 - not bad, but not great. Failing on the push jerk was disappointing. Rowing was consistent, KB swings felt light, but had to break every 10, forearms were spent. Slam balls just powered through to finish.
Will try and jog an easy 1 or 2 with Wyatt later.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Adventure Max Trail Half Marathon

WOW! Tough course is an understatement. Sure didn't look bad on paper, and only shows 800 something feet of climbing.... but DANG those hills were killer. Very steep and some were never ending.
Temps were a little chilly, but with the sun out it felt good. Went with shorts and the Mizuno top. Probably could have gone with a lighter top, but the wind was a little nippy, so played it safe. Good call on the running cap instead of the skull cover. Need to find some better gloves!!! Hands were done.
The race started flat and easy for the first 2 miles, tried to keep it in the low 7's and not speed up with the leaders. Still not sure if this strategy works, but sticking with it. Got caught by 4 or 5 people from behind later in the race, so not sure what would have happened if I had pressed harder in the beginning.. might have made it harder in the end, might have put me farther ahead??
Anyhow, about 3 miles in we hit some major inclines. Big hills, slowed the pace, tried to use the downhills to speed up, but man the quads were feeling it.Fell in to following another guy (152) for most of the race. Couple spots I would pass him and lead, especially the downhills, but tried to let him set the pace for most. There were some tough areas for footing and some really sloppy muddy sections. Slipped a couple times and twisted the left ankle, but nothing too bad.
Just past mile 4, we were heading through some sloppy grass fields and I was leading the group... but paying more attention to the puddle jumps, and completely missed a turn. Stupid mistake. Only missed it by 50 yards, so made it back in line pretty quick. Next issue was the water table not being setup yet. So no water.... bummer. We continued around the perimeter of a large field. Caught another runner and passed him. The field was about a 1.5 mile loop, so we came back by the water table... and still nothing! That sucked.
We pushed on, finally making it back into the woods, where a different racer (older tri guy) caught us from behind. The two of them pulled on me a little in some of the nastier creek and muddy crossing. But I was able to get back with them before long, some good downhill patches helped out there.
We finally hit another water stop, near the top of a pretty good hill, so I took a moment to walk and drink, and grabbed 2 gels. This allowed the two of them to get a little gap on me, and I never made it back up from there. They were always in sight, and felt like they were in striking distance, but just couldn't cover the gap.
We were on a crushed gravel road for the rest of the run. We crossed a main road just before mile 9, and the climbing and hills hit again. They just felt like they kept coming, and one in particular just never ended! I was caught by someone heading up the giant hill. We exchanged encouragements... but my legs were feeling dead.
Did what I could to stay with him, plus it felt like there was pressure from behind. Felt great to finally hit the levee crossing, knowing there was a small incline, then downhill to the finish. Pushed as hard as I could, made it to within a couple yards of the guy in front of me, but ran out of time.
So decent race, tough course, legs were spent before the start. Had an issue with very dark urine after the race again. Possible muscle break down and dehydration? Need to look into this.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Rest Friday!

Really needed some rest today. Middle quads were very sore. Did about 15-20 minutes easy spin on the bike, then ran 1.8 miles very easy. Thought it would help, but no luck. Wind was CRAZY strong today, and temps dropping fast. Took a magnesium bath too, nothing there. What will tomorrow hold....

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Thur extra

Decided to throw in an extra xfit workout today since I did not go yesterday... so kind of eliminated a rest day. (During warmup sprints, legs felt heavy with no spring... pay attention to this!)

Skill work was power clean. After warm ups, set out to do 10x1 rep @ 135#. The weight was relatively easy, considering in the books my 1RM was 135#. Was having a problem pulling with the arms too early, very frustrating. After 6 or 7 rounds, Paul dropped my weight to 115#, and seemed to do better on not pulling with the arms early. Happy about the weight, but not about the arms....

25 OHWL 45#
50 DUs
11:59 - Double unders were killer again. Arms were pumped and hard to control, so they floated up causing rope to stop on shoes. Couple rounds, would get a good group going, maybe 20 or so, but then big sections of only getting 2-3 at a time. It is what it is