Friday, February 03, 2012


Skill work was snatch. Did 5x3 of Power Snatch (from ground)+Hang Power Snatch+Power Squat Snatch (from ground). All 3 moves = 1 rep, used 75#, pretty simple, but mainly worked on form and warmup for wod.

3 Bear Complex 95#
6 Burpee Box Hurdles 20"
9 barbell core roll outs
9:51 - slow time, but
Wod turned out easier than expected, a little winded between reps, but really could have upped the weight a little. Wrist were pretty sore transitioning from power clean to press. Legs lost a little snap during the box hurdles. Could have tried lateral hurdles, but didn't feel comfortable, so stuck with front hurdles.

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