Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday easy trail run.... HAHA

Had to make a decision this morning... head to Cuivre River trail to do an easy 6 miles with Fleet Feet.. or head to Crossfit to redo the 7 minutes of burpees. Figured the trail run would be relaxing, and some active 'recovery'. Plus I figured I would swing by Crossfit monday night to redo the wod... later found out that the times were due Sunday night, so that didn't work.
The weather started pretty chilly, and since I knew I wouldn't be pushing a fast pace, wore the tights and vest... good decision. When the group headed out, I fell in line behind some runners who I knew would keep a slower pace, and resisted the urge to go out with Dave, Dave and the other leaders. The biggest problem with that... no one in our group or behind knew the course or where to go.
We continued to find intersections and just take a guess on a direction. Figured all paths would lead back to the start... Boy were we wrong. One of the guys in our group turned back to join some others behind us, and apparently they all turned around after getting 3 or so miles in. It was just me and another runner for quite a while, then dropped him when we hit a long hill and caught another runner. We continued this way for a while... until we both determined... we were WAY lost. The trails been pretty crappy for a while, really torn up by the horses, treacherous footing, and some pretty sloppy sections. That should have been a pretty good hint for us, but guess not. When the trail came out on a gravel road, we stopped to try and figure out where we were. This allowed the other runner to catch up, so now there was 3 of us lost. So walking up and down the road for a bit not finding any clues to our location or direction, another run came back out of the woods... he was lost too.
So our group of four pressed on for a bit, everyone thinking that we were at least headed on a trail that would lead us back. WRONG. We came out on a bluff overlooking a quarry and fields. Finally one of the other runners pulled out his cell phone, and another checked his Garmin watch that had been mapping our run. We were completely on the other side of the park. Basically 7 miles or more from the cars. The guy with the phone was able to get a hold of his brother who was back at the cars and they tried to figure out where we were; and more importantly, where someone could pick us up.
The people back at camp told us to keep following the trail and let them know where we came out so they could get us. So that is what we did. We walked for a bit, but I started to get chilled, so I pressed on. The others soon followed suit, and we jogged til we came out on a road. They relayed the road name, and we were told someone would be heading our way. We followed the road for a while till it came to a junction, and called to tell them the 2 road intersection. They were no where near us yet. So we waited a bit, which got boring, and although the weather was good, the wind was a little chilly. So we decided to continue moving and follow the road. At this point it was a paved road heading around the outside of the park. We ran along it until we came to the intersection of the main road leading into the park. Once there we stayed put and waited. Probably another 10-15 minutes and Dave showed up in the van.
He said he could not believe it was me that got lost.... FUNNY. But in my defense, I was just out to follow the group and not think... just run and relax and enjoy... well, there ya go. Nice and easy 10 miles on the trails. What a morning.

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