Wednesday, February 22, 2012

OMG the legs!

Legs were pretty sore this morning, and not feeling it! Skill work was box jumps... really happy about it too. Wanted to work on bounding back on the box, not too bad. Did 5x12; 1x20", 2x24", 2x30". Then did 2 @ 41" max jump. Want to make it to 48".

Deadlift 205#
Handstand Push Ups (kipping with ab mat.)
This kicked my ass! Had to break just making it through first 21 DLs... weight was tough. Then really felt it on the hspu. Think I made 10 or 11 before dropping... really frustrating having to do 1 and 2 at a time just to make it. 15 DLs went ok, but lots of breaks and dropping. A little smoother on the second set of hspu, but had to add a second ab mat. Really had to dig and push to make it through this. Looking forward to rest...

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