Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Monday morning....

Legs felt pretty sluggish, but seemed to wake up ok after warmup.
Skill work was KB swings, which I actually seem to enjoy... started with 9@35#, then 15@45#, then 21@55#. Felt good!

For Time (used intermediate weight, 65#)
30 Back Squats 65#
500 m row
30 Front Squats 65#
500 m row
30 Overhead Squat 65#
500 m row
12:40 - felt good through out. Had to pause twice on back squat, just to catch breath and pace it. Knocked out the first 500m row pretty fast to jump in front. Tried to really focus on lifting the chest on front squats. Wrists got a little sore at 20 and tried to adjust... almost dropped the bar sideways. Hit the next 500m a little slower, but powered the last 100 or so. Overhead squats were decent, really focused on balance and trying to stay on heels. Had to drop the bar at 10 and 20 and 25 (plus took a breather at 5 and 15....) Had to pace the last 500m a little slower, but put everything into hitting 1:50 or less for last 100+.

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