Friday, January 13, 2012

Where did Global warming go? Freezing!

Should not quite as painful today.
Warmed up with mile on bike, then tabata on bike. Worked on prayer stretch. Then 3 x Max Rep ring dips. 20, 10, 12. Really used kip on last set. Then worked on pistols. Right knee still folds in, but did 3x3 each leg.

10 KB Snatch Right Arm 35#
40 Walking Lunges
10 KB Snatch Left Arm 35#
40 Sit Ups
9:35 - 35# kb were very light, but played it safe. 45 was rough on the wrist. Should be able to do them with 40-45 though.

Leaving town tonight, so not sure what the workouts will be, maybe just rest.

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