Thursday, January 05, 2012

Thurs sprints!

Still not feeling great.
3 attempts at Max Reps with 1 minute rest between
Strict Pullups - 12 (8, 6)
Strict Ring Dip - 12 (6, 4)
5 x 3reps Power Cleans - 95#, 115# last two.

7 Rounds
300 m Sprint(for time, 4 x's across gym)
45 sec Rest
all times were 18 or under, last two were in 16's.
Then finished the 96 burpees.

THEN.... weather was too nice to pass up a run, even if the foot is not better, and the head cold sucks. Went for a run up to CFitness, about 2.5 miles. Ran on the eliptical for 20 minutes, then another 15 and 40 flights on the stair climber.  Might have been a tad much.... 0i

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