Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow sucks!

Took forever to get to the gym... ANYhow..
Short warmup. Worked on front squat. 5x75#, 3x95#, 1x135#
5 rounds of 5x135#. Then 2@ 165#

AMRAP in 15 minutes
1 PP 75#
1 strict pull up
2 PP 75#
2 Strict Pull Ups
3 PP 75#
3 Strict pull ups....
Finished with 12 PP, 7 Pullups.
 - only used 75# on bar for PP to save shoulder, these were very light... only saving factor was the pullups were still very hard.

Did 50 burpees after, hopefully able to complete the rest tonight. Borrowed a stim machine!!!

- Used the stim twice, hopeful! Did a short 25 minutes on the trainer with a 5 minute 30sec on/30 off, plus a couple 1 minute ons. then completed the 40 burpees with Y.

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