Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday monday...

Skill work on toes to bar. Still not getting the kip rhythm...
For Time
3 Burpees to start & on the min, each min,
until you finish…
30 Front Squats 95#
30 Ring Push Ups
30 DB Snatches 40#(15 each arm)
Squats were relatively easy, should have bumped the weight a little. Push ups got difficult quick because of the burpees. Snatches seemed pretty easy, lots of snap in the hips. Did 2x10 then 2x5 to finish, might could have worked more on the 'snatch' movement.

Headed to Big Rivers group run... just because the weather was nice and there was a Hospital Hill giveaway. Planned on slow easy 4, pushed a little on the way back adding some fartleks. Negative splits, overall 8:12 pace.

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