Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I want a redo

Worked on 1RM Push Press.  Having a problem not turning it into a push jerk, not locking out on the press. did 135# pretty clean. 145# ended up receiving with a jerk bend, so didn't count. Should be able to get 145# when shoulder is 100%.

Sprint 60 ft.  every 30 sec for 6 min, then...

40 Reps for Time
Hang Power Snatch 85# - 6:53

The runs were too easy and short, no real benefit. The snatches just weren't coming easy... took too many breaks, had to reset grip.. just not good, took way too long.
Finished with a couple more sprints wearing 20# vest, plus 20 burpees with the vest. They make un-weighted burpees seem EASY!.

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