Sunday, January 22, 2012

Castlewood long run

Did 80 burpees to warm up in the morning, had some greek yogurt, and a banana on the way.
Planned on a long run of 10, but ended with 13+ miles @9:13 pace. Felt great on the way out... Started to feel a little tired around 6 so turned back shortly after. Tried the new GU PeanutButter!  It was.... well... just like peanut butter. Good thing I love peanut butter! Felt a little better on the return trip until about 10, so ended up taking walk breaks. They seemed to help, made it to 13 feeling good.
Probably should have eaten a little more for breakfast, felt hungry for most of the run. Also, should have stuck with 10 miles.... pretty spent now.
Headed to whole foods, but the hot bar was not that great... blah.

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