Friday, December 16, 2011

Fri Double?

Skill work: Clean and Jerk. 8x115#, 6x125#, 4x135#, 2x145# - was a little rough on the cleans @145, need to work on getting elbows out and under bar faster
3 Rounds
30 Box Jumps 20"
30 Air Squats
then 3 Rounds
20 Situps
20 Burpees

Core Conditioning
Ran 400, then tabata hollow body hold, then 400, then tabata superman
For time, hold chinup(48sec?), then hold pull up(52sec?), then amrap ring push ups(25), then amrap tuckups (30), then handstand against wall (>1min).
Worked on LSit progression with parallettes.

WOD2 - 11:25
Row 200m
10 Ring dips
10 TTB

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