Saturday, December 10, 2011

12/10 Pere Marquette Race

Holy bejeebus it was cold this morning, 19 degrees plus a wind chill. Toughest decision today was what to wear, brought extra and figured would decide when I got there. Had 2 oatmeal packs @ 0530, then a banana @ 0730 on the way there. Took a packet of GU rocktane right before the start, fueling seemed to be good. Decided to wear some light weight NB tights, sleeveless compression top, Mizuno BThermo top and lightweight shell jacket plus gloves and a skull cap + hat with the camera. About 3 miles in to the race I got pretty hot. Tried to shed the jacket and tie it around my waist, but that cam back to bite me later. In hindsight, I probably could have gone with shorts, but definitely should have left the jacket. Toes and fingers were the only thing really cold.
So the jacket tied around my waist was too loose, and consequently, continued to fall down to my knees. After a couple times of grabbing the jacket just before tumbling, I ran for a distance holding the knot section up to my chest. This was not a comfortable (nor safe) method of running, so I tried to undo the knot. Fingers were pretty useless and the knot was not coming undone. Finally, about 5 miles in, I had to stop. Yes, stop in a race. It was too much trouble. So I tried to get the knot undone, but ended up having to take off both gloves before it was free. Passed by atleast 6 people, I redid the knot tighter, then pushed to see what I could salvage (wasted atleast 1 minute). Definitely made up a couple positions, but really had to dig on the last hills. Walked when I had to, but continually tried to keep the feet moving in a 'running' style. The last mile is pretty much downhill, so had to just throw caution to the wind and go just so I would get caught.
In the end, 8th in AG, missed 7th by 2 seconds... 62nd overall 1:04:32
Ah, then the after party... major cookies at this race, nutty buddies, mint oreos, strawberry oreos, peanutbutter oreos, mint grasshoppers, iced oatmeal, and more.... ate way too many, too soon after the finish.. stomach was NOT happy.

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